Saturday, 21 January 2012


Hell Ride:
I was happy to sit in as we rolled south, moving up when the opportunity presented, but generally just getting towed to the hills behind Frankston. I must not have been the only one as when we hit Olivers, it was fucking ON.

I was placed well over the top of Olivers, something that usually means an easy ride through to Mt Eliza, instead I was faced with a single file or riders chewing their bars.

The next two hills I followed Duncan Smith who was down low and hurting. I wont suggest life was roses for me, my legs were on fire, but seeing a bloke as strong as Duncan hurting as much if not more was nice.

The southerly assisted return trip saw the bunch holding between 55 and 60km/h on the flats. Coming over Rickets I wasn't in a great position but felt ok. When the line moved coming into the corner and I saw a good run up the right, I went. Passing the train the Search2Retain boys were setting up. I was never going to win from that far out, but I was happy to hold an extended effort and give the hard kicking sprinters something to come off of.

D: 98.5km
A: 325m

PMPW: 95kg


Hollywood said...

Sh*t lead out way to early, your Shimano gears must have slipped down so you had to go early.



Neil Robinson said...


You're just shitty that you couldn't get on the best wheel of the day.