Tuesday, 10 January 2012


6am NRR:
I assume the bit of rain that left the roads wet kept people in bed, because it was a small bunch that rolled out at 6:00. No one was too willing to roll turns, or rather there were enough people unwilling that efforts to get a consistent group coming through were disrupted.

That said, I pulled every turn I could. Coming through when no one else would, even if I'd just rolled off. In fact the only time I wasn't rolling through was when a bloke on a vespa pulled up and started to motorpace the bunch.

That was a very very different kettle of fish. By this stage we were coming our of Mordi and heading into Mentone, the blustery wind from the West was keeping everyone echeloned and removing half the advantage of being on a wheel.

When guys started popping the trouble began. Most of us were near our limit as it was, so having to cover a gap was near murder. When the guy in cyfac kit in front of me blew and left me with a 2-3m gap to cover I went all out to close it down. I even
managed a few primal grunts that are usually reserved for squats and the final throw of a sprint. Sadly it was not to be, and I watched the bike disappear up Rickets Point with only 1 rider remaining.

Once the bunch reformed it was back to working turns for me, and despite no one else sprinting I hauled tired body off from the Glen Huntly Rd lights and finished what I'm feeling was a nice solid training ride. Something I feel I've lacked of late.

D: 45.9km
A: 165m


D: 14.9km
A: 45m

PMPW: 97km

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