Tuesday, 6 December 2011


MONOS and bunny hops. Not very good ones though, but enough for a random bloke to exclaim "I reckon you're having the most fun commute".

D: 17.6km
A: 65m

I woke with my back/neck issue feeling a ton better than yesterday, but yesterday in a fit of "oh fuck not again" I made an appointment with a myotherapy dude. so despite feeling better I decided to keep the appointment and use it as a chance to get someone to look at how my body is currently working.

There were a few things of note, firstly my hips tilt one way and my shoulders the other meaning my spine has a bit of a sideways curve. Sweet.

Also my neck pretty much wasn't moving, so much so he asked if I'd suffered any neck injuries in the past. If I was in a crass mood I'd describe it as stiffer than a 14 year old boy backstage at the Victoria Secret show, but I'm not, so I wont.

I wasn't nervous about this ride, it was after all just a group of blokes heading out for a bit of fun. I even did a good job of trying not to count all the Australian and World titles held by riders in the group (rough estimate put it at 13 Aussie and 3 world). I did a great job of ignoring that I'd barely touched my mountain bike in 2011.

I was able to ignore all this because within the first couple of km I broke a chain and rode solo for most of the ride (including totally missing some trail I've done significant work on).

I finally caught the bunch on their way back towards cars and more importantly the burgers/beers waiting for us. By which point I'd vaguely remembered how to ride dirt (letting my tyres down from 38psi helped a lot) and started playing with some of the fast boys in the group. By playing I of course mean Jesse Carlsson tore my legs off through the last bits of moonlit trail.

Sitting around eating (3 of) the afore mentioned burgers, I was reminded of the difference in bodies between MTB XC boys and track sprinters. I was not in Kansas any more and suddenly felt the need to shed the couple of kg of fat that's crept onto me.

D: nfi
A: 775m

PMPW: 97kg

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