Sunday, 4 December 2011


We had some pretty gusty conditions (southerly) for racing, but thankfully after a few drops that came through as we set up it stayed dry.

I went out on a 104" gear for my flying 200m qualifier, that's 2" down on what I've used for the last half dozen or so attempts. After getting a little squirrelly through turns 3-4 (I think I'd got my hands too far forward) I set a time of 12.57 seconds, the fastest time of the day.

I got matched against James Dann (J17), Jay Castles (J17) and a new rider named Ryan. The two juniors had been flayed the day before in training but can never be written off. I was most worried by the new guy, he'd ridden a 12.714 f200, despite having a lot of drama through the last 2 bends (he went super high).

My worry proved founded as while I notched up wins against James and Jay by the narrowest of margins, Ryan was dispatching everyone he raced with a wickedly hard kick.

Ryan kicked and beat me to the line in our round, but I'd kept it within a bike, closer than any of his other races and enough to give me confidence I could win with slightly modified tactics should we meet in the finals.

Due to results in other races (Jay beat John) Ryan and I were paired again for the 1v2 final, I dew the lead and used the longer 3 lap format to wind the pace up so when I jumped out of turn 1 we would have already been doing 40 maybe 45km/h.

Sadly I didn't hold on to win, Ryan's run off the bank in the final straight proved to be the winning difference as we charged side by side to the line.

Post race sausages eaten: 8

PMPW: 97kg

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