Thursday, 29 December 2011


Bendigo - somewhere - Bendigo:
An hour and a half on Sean's road bike with Hurley and Bailey. I'm not exactly sure where we went, how far it was, or how much elevation we gained. What I do know is I started off pedalling oblongs and ended merely pedalling squares.

Shepparton Xmas Carnival:
I had one main thought for the day, to take initiative and thus have an impact on the races I took part in.

Scratch - Like yesterday the first race was a tester to see how I was fairing, I sat on and rolled over the line behind the sprint. I felt ok, not great, but not too bad.

Keirin Heat - I took 3rdish wheel and rolled around behind the bike (and two others) pretty happily. As the bike peeled off the 2 enduros in front of me were keeping the pace reasonable. in the back straight some guys hit and I moved out around, feeling confident that I had a great chance at a top 3 spot (a finals berth).

Somewhere between the start of turn 3 and the exit of turn 4 Dan Ellis coming through above me collected my elbow, I sucked my bike under me to get around his back wheel (as opposed to hitting his bike and the track) then hooked the ever living shit out of Jacob Schmid. He clipped my elbow, and I repeated the process, all the while figuring I was going to taste the concrete of the track.

I'm a little disappointed that I didn't get to finish my sprint, i felt I was good for a run in the finals. Of note, I joked with Hurley before the race how it would be cool to rub shoulders (literally) with Ellis.... the reality was a little more poo inducing that I imagined.

Handicap Heat - I worked to get on the back of Tyler and a couple others who started 30-45m in front of me, as we rounded up the bunch I noticed Dan Ellis was on as well. From there i stopped thinking. I found myself at the front in the back straight, rolled off coming into the home straight for the bell and went up the bank looking for a spot at the back. WRONG MOVE! Bike races accelerate on the last lap, I should have gone down to mid bunch at most and taken a partial sit before kicking for the line. Instead I went to the back, struggled to get the last wheel and rolled through for the line well behind the race.

Scratch - Upfront I didn't think I'd make 5km, I'm happy I did. I tried to follow Stuart Vaughn on last lap, it hurt before he moved and it hurt more at his speed. He got us up 5-6 places and I rolled over the line in around 8th, half the length of the straight from the winners. I need to have more efforts like that one, where despite the agony in my body I keep pedalling.

PMPW: 96kg

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