Wednesday, 28 December 2011


Bendigo Xmas Carnival:
My first crack at a Christmas carnival, a chance to practice pacing for the kilo and just generally just to get more track time.

Scratch - I was in A grade and kind of scared, there was one dude who I knew from watching Olympic Games coverage. In short, I was not in Kansas anymore. I sat on and when we came through for the bell and I found myself at the back, I sat up and just rolled through to the line without contesting.

Keirin Heat - I picked the wheel of a big dude, then I got down low and did my best to ride smooth and consistent to conserve as much as I could for the kick. At 350 to go my big guy went, I probably had the legs to follow but I paused for a moment and let Emmerson Harwood take his wheel. I finished 4th or 5th, and given the top 3 went through to the finals I regret not following the first move as it may have been the difference between watching and racing again. Of note was my back wheel slipping up the shallow banking through the last corner. Not a confidence inspiring thing and a big influence in me now not being a fan of the Bendigo track.

Handicap - I was the back marker @ 60m. Let me say that again, I was considered the best rider in my heat by the handicapper. I considered the handicapper to be the craziest dude at the race. Anyway I went hard off the line to catch the next few riders, swapped out a turn or two and by lap 2 or 3 we'd basically caught the bunch. @ 200m to go I was 3-4 riders back, a few enduros attacked and I kicked and moved out into space. Rounding turn 3 I felt contact with my hip and heard a rider behind me struggle and crash, then more crashes just behind me. It is not a cool sound and I lost the drive through my pedals and rolled the line 4th or 5th, too far back to make the finals. I wanted to ask the commissaires to consider the contact, but firstly I didn't finish off the race and secondly, guys were on the ground and eventually in ambulances, so I shut up and sat back.

Motor Pace - A good old fashioned country motor pace where the guy on the bike just brings up the pace leaving 1/3 of the field to race to the line. I made it through 10ish laps but some choppiness to the line was taking it's toll on my legs. When i got to the front of the line and had the best sit in town (on the moto), yet was still barely hanging on, I knew it was my time to exit the race. Seeing world class sprinters out before me helped ease the disappointment.

PMPW: 96kg

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