Saturday, 24 December 2011


Hell Ride:
I had the bright idea to change my chain and chainrings last night, the chain was worn and it felt like the right time to put on the 44/56t TT rings. Well, as is always the way with anecdotes I start in this manner there was an issue (pro tip: the "I had the bright idea" should have tipped you off).

Anyway, back to the surprising bit where something didn't go quite as expected. It turns out the new chain and the old cassette did not love each other. Especially the smaller cogs, where a distinct lack of "special hugs" was going on. In other words, I was set for a 100km ride, with numerous pro tour riders, and didn't have access to my fastest gears.

Thank fuck for the 3 extra teeth on the big dog, even with then I was spinning pretty fast and felt going to the front was out of the question.


Lights at Humphries Rd split the bunch from the front 30 riders, I slowly moved my way up the chasers until over the top to Mount Eliza Way I rolled past everyone and to the back of the front 30. Lets be clear here, it hurt like a bastard, but simultaneously felt good.


In summary, a quick ride where I span my arse off (sadly not literally).

D: 97.7km
A: 330m

PMPW: 99kg

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