Sunday, 18 December 2011


SKCC Crit:
Straight up, I'm going to admit to feeling a little intimidated by the quality of the field at this morning's Crit. Simon Gerrans, Koen De Kort plus a heap of the regular local fast men (and woman).

I sat on the back for the whole race, occasionally sliding up the bunch when there was a lull, mostly concentrating on clicking down before the final corner, and spinning my way out of it. I was proud to say I only got out of the saddle once and that was in the closing laps.

I'd promised to get Lee up to the final corner in a good possition, but when the time came to move forward and start fighting for wheels he was still too flogged from turns/attacks/chasing (I cant remember what he said, and I was too far back to see myself). So I contented myself to roll in with a high quality bunch.

Ok maybe not "content", it never feels great to not have an effect on a race but it will have to do.

D: 60.6km
A: 20m

ABOC Sprint:
1 x 1/4 lap power jump @ 82"
1 x Flying 150m @ 92"
1 x Motorbike Entry + 150m @ 98"
1 x 500m MACC @ 98"
1 x 750m MACC @ 98"
2 x 1.5 lap sprint @ 81"

I lacked a bit of mental focus and physical top end, Carl suggested they'd be liked (neurological fatigue). Whatever it was, I was left feeling like I hadn't gotten the most out of my drills. As such I did a couple of bonus things including being a human motorbike for Carl and chasing some others during their final sprint effort.

CE: 1

PMPW: 96kg

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