Saturday, 17 December 2011


Victorian Keirin Champs and Melbourne Cup on Wheels:
A couple of types of racing I hadn't tried before, each at a state/national level. I wasnt sure what to expect and what I wanted to achieve could be best summarised by "try and see".

In the Keirin heat there was only 4 of us, and the top 3 were to go through. I went for the bike getting a nice sit, as Carl (he was the moto rider) pulled off I checked and the other 3 had left me a gap. With 2 and a half laps to go, I attacked. I lost a little speed midway when coming out of a corner I looked over my shoulder and drifted out of the lane, but was well matched by the others as they rolled over the top of me at around 100-150m to go.

The Heats for the handicap (Melbourne Cup on Wheels). I had 50-60m to pick up on the out markers and 120m of advantage over the quickest guys. I pushed hard early and got on to the lead riders after a lap maybe a lap and a half, we pulled turns for the next 4-5 laps but coming into the back straight on the final lap, we were overrun by the quick guys. I tried to kick and go with them, but didn't have the legs I hoped I would.

So there we go, 10c per metre raced (ignoring my handicap start). I'd like to race a couple more keirins and I'm sure the handicaps are good pacing training for 1km ITTs so I'm off to some country carnivals in a couple of weeks.

PMPW: 97kg

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Gus Gollings said...

I think I saw you spin your rear wheel on the front straight... too much power? =)