Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Emergency socks were required after the heavens opened this morning, but enough of that, the videos from Sunday are up!

Heat 1: John Cochrane (6:25)

I initiated a late early jump (i.e. getting bugger all advantage from the bank) then a straight drag race that for me was all about getting in front and dropping back into the lane before turn 3/4. Win.

Heat 2: Ed Osborne (6:36)

There's a moment around 7:20, Ed has dived for the lane, I've seen it and drop to cut him off, the question is, did I do so legally? The problem is the tent obscures the action. I think it's safe to say Ed hit the lane first, but I'm still unsure if there was room when I got there. With extra speed he was soon underneath me, and there was an awkward moment where I gave him the lane, hesitated then kicked from outside. From there on it was a repeat of the last race. Win.

Heat 3: Gary Jackson (4:02)

I lead out, but Gary quickly takes it for himself, I don't yet have a preference for either so let it go. My one wish is for a short race, I'm guaranteed a finals berth regardless of the result (loss would mean 3v4, win is 1x2), and really really just want as little effort as possible. I sit slightly off the back, giving myself a nice gap to work into should Gary jump, and the speed increases, Gary wants me off the bank, I want the extra height, so the speed increases. When we finally begin the sprint proper into turn 1, there's not much of a kick and i'm forced to basically go the long way home. I can remember somewhere between turn 3 and 4 worrying that I wasn't going to get over the top but that the roll off the bank or the state of Gary's legs led to a smidge more speed to the line. Win.

1v2 Final: Jae Castles (6:05)

The final, I wanted to be on the front, so kept low/in the lane to ensure Jae couldn't dive under, eventually I was drawn up the track to get better control. As I said the other day, my plan was to have a 2nd kick under Jae into the final corner. 7:53 everything is going to plan. By 7:55 I have lost the race, I wasnt going hard enough and had no information about how hard Jae was going. The lulz occur at 8:07.

RHR: 59bpm
PMPW: 94kg

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