Sunday, 6 November 2011


I really don't recall a lot about today's racing, all my thought process is around the final race and it's left little of anything else.

Ok, back to the start, my f200 was faster than last time, 12.417 vs 12.635, that's within 3 100's of a second of my fastest time, and the conditions were not ideal (they weren't horrible either). I think my jump was a touch late, so I consider the time an indicator that I may yet go sub 12s this year.

That netted me 3rd in A-grade and races against John Cochrane (J17), Ed Osborne and Gary Jackson. I cant remember the specifics of what went down, I think I was fairly proactive, I know they were all long races with the one against Gary building up almost straight from the start.

The race that matters was the finals, neither Gary (fastest qualifier) or Chris Ray (2nd fastest) won, so I was in 1v2 against Jae Castles (J17). Jae beat me last time (video here) so I talked to James Dann about what his strengths and weaknesses were. The plan was to hold the front, kick, but leave something extra in the tank so he'd get less of a sling off my wheel and then to re-attack under him through the final corner.

Jae feinted or possibly attacked about 250m to go, it was the right time for me so I hooked up at him then dove for the lane. Over the 200m line I eased a little (mistake one, I eased too much) but kept looking ahead (mistake two, failed to know where he was and what he was doing). The next thing I know, he's gone around me with a HEAP more speed, gets a decent gap and slams it back into the lane. I chased with all I had, it was a 1v2 final so there's no point leaving anything in the tank, but the result was sealed.

Oh, in the final I had a little excursion into the infield causing all the officials and Nath the photographer to scatter. To me, it's far less of an issue issue than what happened ~10 seconds earlier when the sprint began, but I'm sure it'll make for amusing viewing and be the source of many jokes.

RHR: 58bpm
PMPW: 94kg

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