Thursday, 3 November 2011


6am NRR:
To say I could be arsed this morning would be a gross overstatement. I really couldn't (be arsed), not even a little bit. No! The fact that I rode is no indication of arsedness, it was a testament to stubbornness and going through the motions, nothing to do with arses. Right, now we have that out the way, I can say I'm bloody glad I did ride.

The easy pace to Mordi didn't do much for me, but the pace back was perfect. Fast enough to wake up my fatso body, but not so fast that I was ever in fear I wouldn't see the end. In fact I even went off the front with H around Mentone.

Then, and most importantly, it was time to sprint. I missed the move that netted 1st and 2nd, but wrapped up everyone else for a comfortable 3rd.

It all left me excited to get on the bike on Sunday and see what condition the Warny has left my body in.

D: 42.3km
A: 130m


D: 14.3km
A: 55m

CE: 1/2

RHR: 56bpm
PMPW: 98kg

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