Saturday, 26 November 2011


Vic Metro Track Champs:
The day started with uncertainty, CSV hadn't published a schedule, which meant being at the track before 9am kick off in case one of my races was up first.

I was the only rider entered in MMAS1 for ITT and Sprint, which meant I needed to turn up to the line to be considered the champion. In fact I was the only person registered for MMAS1 at all, so I could have got myself a pursuit title as well if I'd registered for that.

Anyway, the ITT was first, and after a warm up lacking a power effort (no access to the track), I lined up with a 100" gear on. I was there to set a time to guide me for the rest of the summer, I wanted to go better than before, I hoped to get close to 1:10.

I did a ~20.6 second first lap, then ~15.9 second second lap. That second lap was too quick, though at the time it felt like I was going way too slow. I was soon to find out what slow was as my next two laps were ~17.5 and ~19.6 for a total time of 1:13.604. It's a PB, but an ugly ugly ugly way of getting it. It took me 3 stops to walk the 100 odd metres from where I pulled up to talk to Carl to where we were set up. Once there I sat down, then lay down, then lay down with legs bent, then back to flat again. Everything hurt, especially my arse, and life felt like a horrible horrible place.

I think there's a few points to improve on that will help reduce my time. Obviously actually easing up on the second lap rather than ripping my own legs off would be a start. Next up is more fitness (duh). Finally using TT bars, I intentionally went with drop/sprint bars this time to give a comparison to previous efforts.

As comparison Chris Ray rode a 1:11.097 with TT bars.

Sprints were a combined MMAS field, meaning I got to race a few guys I'd knew and raced before (Chris Ray, Dino Apolito and Greg Brunt). A f200 qualifier would seed us and determine the run through to the finals, as expected a fast qualifying time meant the best draw, so yeah despite my legs feeling shoddy it was all out on the f200.

I recorded PB of 11.731, fastest MMAS and 2nd fastest of the day. From then on it became a game of conserving as much as possible while still winning.

My first race (Philip Bushell) I had over a second in f200 so just sat above and behind watching, then coming out of turn 4 (~300m to go) I jumped over the top and put in an 85% effort to the line to take my first win and progress cleanly to the semis (Phil went to a repercharge).

My second race (semis) was against Greg Brunt, I had just over a second in f200 time so once again chose to follow, sitting above and behind. It wasn't all my way, as Greg held my at his hip, giving me no room to dive under or go over the top. Eventually coming up to 200m to go I feinted hoping he'd dive to cover the lane and give me room. Thankfully he did and I was able to dive off the bank and past him down the back straight for win number 2 and a berth in the top finals.

The third race (finals) was against Chris Ray who'd qualified 0.05 slower than me. Chris chose lead, I knew he has a hard jump and would want a short race. I also suspected (based on my own legs) that he was well tired, so contented myself to wait and try to sling past him on the back straight/final bend. The race went quite similar to the one against Greg, I had height but not a lot of room to fox around. Once again I feinted at turn one to try to force him to jump, when he did I paused ever so slightly then dived down towards his draft and the straight. Coming up past him I worried he had another kick left so put everything into the pass, finally getting my wheel in front as we rounded turn 4. From there I knew the race was mine, the bank lent me speed on the charge for the line.

A long long day, with some times that can be used for future comparison. That's what I wanted so I'm happy, the two medals are nice, but a little hollow given the lack of turn out.

Results can be found here.

PMPW: 95kg


Publius Naso said...

And another win against Chris. Time to retire again?

neil said...

Not yet, I need to beat his ITT time first. :D