Sunday, 20 November 2011


SKCC Crit:
I figured a bit of caffeine helps the legs, so went to see Mick @ Soul Kitchen before the race. We discussed my needs and settled on a double espresso short macchiato. This was a mistake.

As the race started I was as high as a kite on the effects of the bean. I basically just tried my best not to wig out mid corner. I was once again racing to play in the sprint, so reminded myself constantly to not succumb to the energy coursing through my body and go off the front.

Well while I concentrated on keeping my shit under control a strong break with good team representation went up the road. I sat in, others were doing work at the front, though it seem to be coming in fits and spurts. By the 30 minute mark I finally started tuning into the gap updates from the sidelines and was surprised to hear 40 seconds. Around this time as I was realising I wasn't going to get my sprint finish the soleDevotion guys lost their only man in the break (Will). Mark and Peter came up to the front and we started to work hard turns. Despite out best efforts for a few laps the gap didn't come down, in fact I think it got bigger.

After we swung off it was just a game of waiting for the inevitable lapping of the field (us).

D: 36.9km
A: 0m

ABOC Sprint:
1 x 1/4 lap power jump 82"
3 x 20m Gate start @ 96"
1 x 628m ITT @ 96" (gate start)
2 x 20m Gate start @ 96"
1 x 935m ITT @ 96" (gate start)
1 x 375m power jump @ 96"
1 x 1 lap sprint @ 82"

Another hard track session, this week it was outdoor at Blackburn, featuring gate practice and a 1.5km of ITT.

I blew myself apart in 1.5 laps on the first ITT, rolling in with legs going in squares.

For the second, give or take a full kilo, I tried to hold a pace on the second lap and drive it home in the last. This kept me in much better shape to finish the effort, but I do have a small voice telling me that I could/should have gone harder. For the moment I'm going to ignore that voice, because that was the first Kilo I've done that didn't have me explode halfway through.

The final item to note is the 1 lap race, I picked James Dann to race and lost by a few tyre widths. I wont accept the restricted gear as an excuse so the score is now 0:1. It was a really fun drill, a bit of push and shove, some ducking and diving and an all out haul to the line, obviously I hope to even up the score next time.

RHR: 64bpm
PMPW: 95kg

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