Saturday, 12 November 2011


Hell Ride:
I don't want to blame two staples of any aspiring cyclists diet, beer and pizza, but it's possible the over consumption of both last night lead to a thoroughly shit sleep. Sure it's also possibly they didn't.... it's just way more fun to point fingers and hope that a 6am coffee will fix things.

Warm temperatures and I assume low air pressure had us flying along, track style turns at 48-52km/h on both legs of the journey. That's not to say I was doing them. I did do a couple, mostly to get myself a better place in the bunch, but mostly I was content to get a sit and wait for the fun of the hills past Frankston and the sprint into Black Rock. I got a bad run at Olivers, I was pinned behind a Belinda Goss after what I assume was a hard turn on the front as the pace was far from ideal.


For the sprint I felt great, but was a couple of riders too far back, the kick I had in my legs would have possibly got me to the wheels of the top 3 guys, but not around. I contented myself to roll through 5th with Clarky (4th), most importantly ahead of Hendo.


D: 96.9km
A: 330m

RHR: 64bpm
PMPW: 96kg

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