Saturday, 8 October 2011


Hell Ride - Arthurs Seat - Windsor:
A repeat of a couple of weeks back, Hell Ride to Mt Eliza then on to Arthurs Seat before turning for home.

This week the pace to Frankston was hot, the pace through the hills beyond Frankston was hot and the pace up Arthus Seat was hot. I coped with all bar the last, where I simply had to settle into my own rhythm of pain while the soleDevotion and O2 boys disappeared up the hill.


Sitting around Cafe Racer after the ride I was asked a simple question.

"If you could only win one race, what would it be?"

I was completely flustered at the time, unable to put a straight answer together, but now with a bit more of a chance to muse on it, I think I have the beginning of a response.

It would have to be a race where it's not just a battle of body, it must have a battle of minds. One where half the mental battle is against yourself. A race where you spend an hour with a voice in your head telling you that it would be better to pull out. Something like the Otway Odyssey or the Melbourne to Warnambool.

I can only imagine what the satisfaction after that much of an ordeal would be like.

D: 152.0km
A: 980m

RHR: 57bpm

PMPW: 95kg

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