Wednesday, 26 October 2011


6am NRR:
My last planned hit out before Saturday started off nicely, with a spin down the highway, though that ended at Lower Dandenond Rd when lights split the bunch and I took it on myself to close the resulting gap.

Once back on, there was a km or two recovery before we hit the roundabout in Mordi and turned north, from then until BP in St Kilda the pace was hot. Seriously hot. Ok, maybe you need an example of how hot it was. We were doing 50km/h up Ricketts Point*. Yeah so as I said before, the pace was hot.

D: 44.4km
A: 140m

I know I should keep my sights locked firmly on this weekend, but I figured I should at least know the dates of my next races.

November 6th: ABOC SSS #2
November 13th: Criiiiits
November 20th: Criiiiits
November 26th: Vic metro track champs (masters) Nov 26th

D: 15.6km
A: 45m

RHR: 54bpm
PMPW: 94kg

* If you still need a guide for that speed, check out this Cycling Tips post.

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