Wednesday, 19 October 2011


NRR: (long)
I'm really to have this one in my legs.

North Rd to Mordi was easy.

Frankston (homeward bound) to Brighton was easy.

Modri to Frankston was tough, but rewarding.

It all started with track turns from Mordi to Franston, just Dave Lelly a TFM dude and myself. It started with 1 for 1 turns, and a simple rule. If my HR was below 180bpm, I had to pull through for my turn, if it was over come my time, I let the other two take the load. By Seaford I was down to 1 turn to each of their 2, but the bunch behind us was strung out and sooking. It's a good feeling, to know you're causing pain to others, to take them to a level they're not happy with... even if it means doing worse to yourself.

On the hills I dug deep, a slight lapse on Canadian Bay Rd, but back to business moments later. The reward was that finally I was with a group going up Two Bays.


Time at work: 8:56am

D: 102.4km
A: 495m


D: 7.7km
A: 25m

RHR: 58bpm

PMPW: 94kg

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