Wednesday, 12 October 2011


NRR: (long)
Not quite the same attacking style as last week, but it was faster.

I'm going to skip straight to the hardest bits of the ride, the hills. Half the bunch didn't make it over Canadian Bay, I of course was the last sucker who did. It all started well, sure I'd been flogged getting to CBR, but I was on Tom Leaper's wheel and determined to stay there.

I think my mind it went something like "I'm going up a hill on the wheel of a dude who's ridden 2 Giros.... awesome", when it really should have been "I'm going up a hill on the wheel of a dude who's ridden 2 Giros.... this isn't going to end well.". It should have been that, because it didn't end well, but you already know that because I told you I was the last sucker up the road, but whatever, I like repetition, it calms my over caffeinated brain.

The last few NRR longs have me confident that I'll finish the Warny, but knowing that its incredibly unlikely I'll manage to make the break, especially if the selection is at Camperdown. The rain we hammered through this morning was just icing on the cake in terms of my ability to weather (hahahaha oh man I love puns.... and repetition..... and puns) the conditions the race might be conducted under.

Time at work: 8:45am

D: 102.8km
A: 465m


D: 7.8km
A: 20m

RHR: 59bpm

PMPW: 94kg

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