Thursday, 8 September 2011


I woke up feeling better, not great, but even with the nervousness that I might be wrong about how well I feel, I feel better. It has been a rough 24ish hours. You know how they talk about the journey being more important than the destination? Well that doesn't apply here! Neither the journey nor the destination are much chop at all. Would not buy again. Would not recommend.

In an act of sensibleness I'm going to check my resting/waking HR for the next couple of days as a measure of my wellness, I didn't this morning but given that my ride felt like a ~90-100bpm HR effort was instead 130bpm, well I'm going to guess that it was elevated.

Anyway! I managed to recoup some of my commuter cup pride by overtaking some people today on my way in. All bar one person I saw fell to my whopping 32km/h effort! I even made it into the big ring on my way home, usually this is of no note because on most of my rides I'm a big gear pusher (hey man, wanna buy a big gear? The first ones free man, just come back to me if you want any more. Highest quality shimano dude, this shit is pure 53t DuraAce!), anyway, yes I used my big ring on the way home, and it was good given that it has been absent from my last few rides.

The down side to all of this feeling better malarkey is I had kinda hoped that it might prevent me from doing a kilo on Sunday. If I continue on this wellness path.... I better remember to pack a spew bucket.

D: 14.2km
A: 45m

PMPW: 91kg

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