Sunday, 4 September 2011


Melbourne - Mordialloc - Melbourne:
I organised to meet the soleDevotion boys for a "coffee ride" to Mordi and back.

With a roaring northerly at our backs the way down was pleasant... until Peter and I rolled to the front and started to halfwheel each other.

Last thing I know from before the rest of the bunch sprinted around us was my speedo reading 58km/h. We were flying!

D: 47.9km
A: 130m

ABOC Sprint @ DISC:
2 x 125m Power jump (react to lead rider) @ 98"
1 x 250m Seated power jump (react to lead rider) @ 98"
1 x 375m MAC @ 98"
1 x 375m MAC @ 100"
1 x 500m MAC @ 100"
1 x 250m Wind out @ 82"

I hit a new PB for power (1,688W) and recorded over 71km/h in an MAC. Given how my legs felt from the last two days of riding, I'm going to take the night as a positive one.

I think my peak power is still higher yet, first off as I alluded to before, my legs were not feeling terribly fresh today. Secondly I had 2 other efforts at over 1,650W and another in the 1,500s. While being able to repeat the performance is good, it implies that my true single effort maximum is higher yet.

CE: 1

PMPW: 92kg

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