Saturday, 3 September 2011


Melbourne - Christmas Hills - Kinglake - Melbourne:
It's nice to be back at a time of year when an early morning ride doesn't require lights. Today's plan was to roll with Downie to meet Jim, BJ and Erin for a reverse version of last week.


As we got set to roll from the Rosanna Safeway a bunch of around 10 TKM boys rolled past and all our eyes lit up, rabbits! Moments after we jumped on the back I realised I knew a few of the boys (Liwa, Byron and Ash), so I rolled up and chatted about routes. Ash was in charge and was hoping to try some of our favourite roads and so it came to be that our routes and groups merged. Mt Pleasant Rd, Stony Creek Rd, Pidgeon Bank Lane, Clintons Rd. It was the best of both worlds, we got a range of riders to play with, they got a range of new roads to play on.



As we turned right out of St Andrew, up toward the Kinglake climb I was pretty confident, I'd been strong on all the short hills our routes took us up, my main rival seemed to be a dude named Ben. I camped on his wheel and let Ash and Byron set the pace from the start. As we rode into the teeth of an oft cruel headwind I watched my HR climb through 160, 165, 170 and 175. As it creeped past 180bpm I started to realise these boys may have been holding back, or that this was just not my type of climb. We'd long since gapped everyone else, and as my HR ticked over 184 beats I noted the small gap to Ben's wheel. I stood, I sat, I stood, I sat and that was all she wrote. I watched them ride off and set about battling through the wind to the top by myself.


We turned back rather than on to Healesville, continuing on into/through that wind was not going to end pretty, so we added in extras by detouring via an old favourite in Flat Rock Rd.

D: 148.2km
A: 2,425m

PMPW: 93kg

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