Wednesday, 21 September 2011


NRR: (long)
Another day, another ride of redemption which for me equates to nerves. This would be the first NRR long since I was sick and also the first hard ride I'd done with mildly DOMSy legs.

The pace to Mordi was great, more in line with the easy day idea of the regular Wednesday loop. It meant that I could leave my chain in the little ring and just spin the legs through.

From Mordi on to Frankston the intensity lifted slightly, a good pace without any major surges. I have no idea if it was track turns or rolling turns on the front because I never went there, I was still nervous and wanted to keep as much in my legs as possible for the hills.

Have I mentioned I was nervous yet? Yes? Good, because it's true, I was nervous. I think this is an important point because I'd hope that 6 weeks out from the Warny I'd have an unstoppable wave of confidence inexorably building up.

The hills were (as normal) flat out, I turned from the highway into Canadian Bay with my HR hovering near my threshold, and made a snap decision to try a different tactic than normal. Instead of coming out of the draft of the lead riders and attacking hard out of the saddle for the initial section, I sat and span. A small gap opened to those that used my normal tactic, but they didn't get far and my HR stayed a fraction lower for longer than normal. Through the middle I made ground and when I hit the last pinch... well there's not happy result here, that last bit just plain old hurts.

For the first time in memory I found a good rhythm on Two Bays, my HR sitting at 89% it was no walk in the park, but I didn't blow up partway up which was great.

So, I still suck in the hills, but I feel that I'm only a fraction down on where I was a few weeks back. That is slightly confidence inspiring. It's not an unstoppable wave that's inexorably building, but it's a start.

Of note was an evil stack by one of the Cycling Inform guys. Rich has photos and the full story (click me!).

Time at work: 8:52am

D: 101.8km
A: 465m


D: 9.7km
A: 30m

RHR: 62bpm

PMPW: 93kg

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