Sunday, 18 September 2011


Amy Gillet Gran Fondo:
I opted to ride with the boys from Baum rather than try and help Timmy. A bit soft, but a delightful way to spend a sunny spring morning.


We cruised the Great Ocean Road, a few pushes oh the rolling hills, but generally the pace was genial.



Once we turned off towards Forrest and the main climb of the day began, the gloves came off... the jersey was unzipped, and arm warmers were pushed down. Nick rode off at a pace no one else was willing to try and hold. David and I set about limiting the damage, I set the pace to start, then he pulled through halfway up.


Not long after that photo I realised Dave's pace was slowly but surely ramping my HR up. I'd had it pegged at 175 bpm, by the time I fell off his wheel it was in the high 180's. Moments later Jimmy caught me and we finished off the climb and waited for Jeff, Darren and Steve.

Steve rode straight through (and on to "win" the day), Darren rode up somewhat worse for wear and from then on we took turns to ensure he'd make the end and more importantly, that Prue wouldn't yell at us.


D: 120.9km
A: 1,665m

RHR: 64bpm

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