Saturday, 17 September 2011


Hell Ride:
Another morning, another round of nerves. I rolled down with Lee and Jarrad before the ride itself got under way. The pace from there was good, a slight tailwind kept us in the high 40's and I accidently found myself at the front pulling a turn. It hurt and I decided that was the last one for the day, so drifted back into the comforting company of 60+ odd blokes.

A a set of lights in Chelsea split the bunch in twain, then another one split us again. We caught the middle bunch, obviously by "we" I mean whoever was on the front, judging by how spent he looked after the catch I think it was Jarrad. Anyway, from there it was a nice roll into Frankston, a hard charge to Mt Eliza that had me top 92% MHR, and then a leisurely two up roll back to town.


I got chatting with Matty Lloyd as we rolled out of Frankston, no not the great Essendon full forward, the skinny guy that won a national road title at Mt Bunny, a Giro stage into Marina di Carrara, and the mountain classification at the very same Giro. He's a nice bloke, he had exactly the same stories that everyone has, hard days in the saddle, giggles with mates.... though all of his start with "Oh yeah at the tour a couple of years ago....".

I plan to take his money at SKCC crits this summer.

D: 97.7km
A: 320m

RHR: 65bpm

PMPW: 92kg


Unknown said...

Neil sounds like a great ride. Did Lloydy talk about contract for next season? - haven't really seen anything in the press..

neil said...

I asked him exactly that in the least prying way I could.

He's talking to a few teams. I got the impression he's just enjoying a slightly lower stress end of year than normal.

He said he's going to race the Sun Tour in a few weeks and I think I convinced him to race some early season SKCC crits.

Unknown said...

Nice work :)
Hope that he finds a base from which he gets the support and opportunity to fully utilise that talent.. (Don't know if that Aussie mob have signed a pure climber yet have they?)