Tuesday, 13 September 2011


I'm starting to get antsy with this whole "recovery" crap, I want to be well, I want to be well now, I want to be well now so I can ride my bike, I want to be well now so I can ride my bike hard. I want to be well so I can think of a better language device than repetition.

I might have to revise my plans for this weekend. Previously I'd promised to drill myself in service of Tim McGrath at the Amy Gillet Gran Fondo in aid of a category win for him. I might need to scale that back to just riding with some mates on gorgeous roads.

D: 13.7km
A: 45m

RHR: 65bpm

PMPW: 92kg

1 comment:

sole Devotion said...

get well soon, eat some race cake today and you'll be tip top for the warny