Saturday, 6 August 2011


Melbourne - Nutfield - Melbourne:
We ended up not quite doing the route I expected. True to his nature BJ had a brand new road that we had to see. If you feel that life has been too kind to you, if you feel that you need to be punished, take yourself and your bicycle (equipped with anything smaller than MTB cassette and cranks to Zig Zag Rd in Eltham. Ride it in a Northerly direction from Nathan St.

Jim and I played games on all the hills with each other while BJ set about clawing his way back from breaking every bone connected to his arm. I tried to work at a steadier tempo than the usual smack it at the bottom style I usually employ for these type of hills. That said the ~30% gradient of Zag Zag Rd leaves little option than to get out of the saddle and put every ounce of yourself into the pedals. Just in case that seems like I'm implying more ounces are better for the climb I will be clearer. Less ounces = more better, but regardless of the total you have, put them all into your pedals.

Running a bit late for a lunch appointment I turned for home after Church Rd in Panton Hill, missing the fun of Flat Rock Rd, but all was not lost. I found Peter (Bolts) of NRR fame heading back towards town with a mate, so trying to catch them after taking different (harder) routes kept me honest.

D: 111.7km
A: 1,650m

PMPW: 92kg

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