Wednesday, 3 August 2011


North Road: (Long)
I now have little doubt that the long version of Wednesday NRR is harder than the Hellride.

Today was just brutal. How brutal? Today I was at work in the CBD by 8:45am. Normally after a mad 50k/h return leg I just manage to roll up to my desk at 9. That means the ride was (give or take) 3km/h faster than normal, or to put it another way, there was no way I was whipping out my camera to take photos of other dudes arses due to the constant effort and attention required to stick with the bunch.

Gone was the normal 35km/h roll from Mordi to Frankston, replaced instead by a single line of riders, strung out in the gutter going 50km/h. I pulled a couple of turns but I decided, wisely, to sit on and save something for the hills around Two Bays.

Oh Neil, who are you to declare any of your decisions as wise? Well I'm the bloke who, in hindsight, knows that my heartrate at 90% before Canadian Bay Rd. At the top it was pushing 95%. The only other time I've seen such numbers on my road bike was during a HCC Kew crit. In short, Canadian Bay Rd tasted like pennies. No that's not a typo of penis.

I feel I should be hard on myself for the limited time I spent at the front of the ride, but on the other hand it was hard yakka just being there, let alone trying to influence the pace.

D: 102.5km
A: 475m


D: 7.8km
A: 30m

PMPW: 91kg

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