Saturday, 27 August 2011


Melbourne - Warrandyte - Yarra Glen - Healesville - Kinglake - Melbourne:
I hoped I would wake up feeling chipper, that the tiredness I felt yesterday would be gone and my legs would be refreshed. I didnt. I slept poorly and woke with a slight feeling of dread. The planned ride out through Warrandyte to Yarra Glen, on out to Healesville before turning up Myers Creek Rd to get to the back of Kinglake and finally turning for home.... well to put it bluntly was not going to be an easy day. Still this was good preparation for the Amy Gillet Gran Fondo in a few weeks time, so I kitted up and headed out into the early morning glow to meet Jim, BJ and Erin Baxter in Rosanna.

There was a little bit of niggle early, BJ is still on his way back from massive shoulder injury (ask him for the story, it's worth a giggle) and Erin is working his way back into fitness after some time off..... but Jim.... well Jim is a little shit. He just wont quit, though I suppose I'm equally to blame in the games we have played... obviously we'll continue to play them for as long as we ride together. As long as I have breath in my body, I desire to beat Jim.

And that pretty much sums up the day. Jim and I went at each other each hill. I took all the honours but he made me hurt to achieve them. Myers Creek Rd was 25ish minutes of Attack and Sustain. I pushed early to open a gap, then each time I felt I was around a corner and out of sight I'd attack again to open up a greater lead. The result was an average heart rate of around 87% and a set of legs that barely wanted to turn pedals for 20 minutes after.

The descent down Kinglake was awesome, though the slight headwind kept the speed down and thus nudged it out of the top spot for best moment of the day. The best moment would have to go to finding a stack of bikes out the front of the bakery in Healesville, one of them equipped like so.


D: 172.1km
A: 2,455m

PMPW: 92kg

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Jimbo said...

very well, I am getting off the booze...