Wednesday, 24 August 2011


NRR: (long)
I was pretty tentative before this ride, my legs were still sore when I woke up making me wish my home toilet had a handicap handrail to leverage off.

There was a brisk tempo set down to Mordialloc, around South road I got sick of the choppyness at the back and rolled to the front. From there to Frankston the pace varied. Not so much surges, just differing pace depending which bloke was on the front drilling it. When it was David Kelly, everyone suffered. Seriously, someone needs to let down his tyres or something.

I tried to follow wheels up Kars st, the wheel I was on over the top was one Mr Kelly and he took me on a magical ride to threshold heart rate land.

I swung wide as we turned into Canadian Bay rd, letting 5-6 guys through, I wanted a slight respite to the flogging I was getting, but more importantly I wanted wheels to come off up the first kicker. There were a few instances of the old "stand up, sit down, stand up, sit down" which, as we all know, does nothing to relieve the pain in one's legs or increase one's speed. I tried to ignore the monstrous number blinking at me from my HRM as we hit the flat spot, stood and kicked into the final pinch.

As I sucked air and weekly turned the cranks, I watched the riders I'd just worked hard to stay with pull away down the descent. As I got my diaphragm spasming under control I tried to make ground up on the lead 10-15 riders, finally rolling up onto their wheels just as we turned up Two Bays and into my own personal hell.

Back in Frankston, just as we were turning for Kars st I laughed when I saw Richard already looking at his gears. "There's no answers down there mate, everything you need to know is up ahead. I quipped.

Well to get back to the main narrative, up Two Bays as I fought a losing battle with the incline and my mountain goat like fellow riders I caught myself looking down at my gears (several times in fact), hoping there would be some answers there. There wasn't.

From there it was a leisurely 50km/h smackfest to St Kilda, seemingly perfectly scheduled to drain the last ounce of my being out through my ineffective legs as riders turned off to their own destinations.


As we rolled through Brighton Beach I heard one guy say "get my my dummy and teddy, I'm going home for a nap"... it was nice to know I wasn't the only one completely flogged.

Arrival time at work: 8:47am

D: 103.3km
A: 500m

There was no rabbit in this world juicy enough to tempt me to chase them on my way home.

D: 7.8km
A: 20m

PMPW: 92kg

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