Sunday, 21 August 2011


ABOC Sprint @ DISC:
3 x 1/4 lap Power jump (3rd jump seated) @ 106"
1 x 250m MAC @ 106"
1 x 375m MAC rider last 100m @ 98"
2 x 1 Over/Under - Duck and dive @ 82"

The power jumps were tough, I was paired with Chris Ray and with only a 1/4 of a lap to work with it barely felt like you got the gear moving, especially with the last seated effort. They certainly took some effort as by the time the 1st MAC came around I could barely catch the bike and had to question if I was giving my all. I think yesterday's hike certainly contributed to the lack of snappy power.

I enjoyed the duck and dive drills. They're giving me confidence to race sprints at DISC and some skills/tactics that may even carry over to Blackburn. Trying to time attacks to the dead spot in people's pedal stroke and to cause them to turn their head to the wrong side so you get a moment where they cant see you attack.

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