Saturday, 13 August 2011


Victorian Road Champs:
I was watching a Behind The Peleton Video this afternoon and a comment towards the end stuck with me.
"At the end of a long race, the legs give the answers to a lot of questions."
In my mind there's a dude with a microphone pointed at giant quads, asking them to solve a series of algebra equations. Anyway, enough sillyness, it turns out legs can also do interviews and answer questions at the start of the race. "How could you possibly know this Neil?!" you exclaim. Well sit down and I'll tell you a very short story.

I didn't make it up the first hill of today's race. There just wasn't enough to make it 5km with the bunch. Below is what I thought about the whole affair moments after I'd dropped off my numbers and departed Anakie.

Time: 12:22
AVG HR: 172bpm
Max HR: 185bpm
AVG Speed : 27.9km
Max Speed: 43.5km

That's as much sooking as I've got, from here it is only pro-active steps to achieve what I want. First up, working out what I want.

D: 5.7km
A: 200m

PMPW: 92kg

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