Monday, 25 July 2011


There's a few basic ideas, things relating to goals, that have been bouncing around my mind of late.

The first is power to weight, in particular the latter bit. I try hard not to get too antsy about it (here comes the inevitable but), but (ah there it is) rocking up to the Melbourne to Ballarat at 94kg isn't Kosher. I don't think I'm fat, in years gone past I'd be giddy to have these sort of fat levels in the middle of winter (cold toes aside), but (oh man i totally didn't expect that but, it crept up on me!) on the hills gravity will always find you and make you pay (Fuck you gravity, I paid last hill. I don't have any more money, can I pay you next time?).

The second is related, sort of. It's the first part of the above equation and where to use it this summer. I've been enjoying training on Sundays behind Carl and Nath on the moto. I've begun to think about racing more track, maybe doing the metros, state champs and summer track carnivals. I might have to mess around in masters categories to get a competitive ride, I may even (oh god I'm going to regret saying this) consider including the Kilo on the list of events to do (oh shit, what have I done?!).

D: 14.1km
A: 65m

PMPW: 92kg


Publius Naso said...

We all heard you, you said 'Kilo', there's no going back now!

Bleve said...

seed planted...