Sunday, 17 July 2011


ABOC Sprint Training @ DISC:
1 x 1/4 lap Power jump
1 x F100 Entry
3 x 1/4 lap pjump from 10km/h in pairs, react to following rider (82")
4 x Over/Under - Duck and Dive (88")
1 x Neil is a makeshift motorbike - 1km rolling ITT (88")

The Over/Under - Duck and Dive drills were pretty cool. A drill to practice riding while looking over alternate shoulders (over/under) and then both (duck and dive) finished with a following rider initiated sprint. Nick Marc got me on 3 of the 4 efforts with my only victory coming from one of my 2nd time following. He's been experimenting with starting his acceleration from in the saddle and I can attest, it's effective when you're forced to react. You just don't see him coming until it's too late and he's already got excess speed.

The final effort was for the enduros, Mason was doing take a lap drills so I set a steady tempo for him to pursue. He'd just made a catch with 5 laps to go and I knew he'd be struggling to take another lap, or even start the effort, so I pinned it and gave him a 1km effort to sit on.

CE: 1

PMPW: 92kg

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