Saturday, 16 July 2011


Melbourne - Arthurs Seat - Arthurs Seat - Sorrento - Melbourne:
The plan was simple, meet in St Kilda, ride to/with the Hell Ride to Mt Eliza, keep going to Arthurs Seat and then come home. Well, that's what I thought the plan was when I opted to go with it rather than the Hell Ride and a race with Footsgray CC.

The Hell Ride was a giggle, I may have instigated a rise in speed by rolling over the front and questioning the masculinity of those I found there.


I set about getting a solid E3 effort up Arthurs Seat and once at the top I turned, rolled down to the last rider and paced them up. As I rolled to the bottom after that extra effort I noted that the others had started a second attempt. No one told me about repeats I cried and desperately tried to resist the urge to turn immediately so I could gauge my efforts off theirs. Instead I went to the bottom again and restarted, this time with all the riders in front of me, rather than behind like the first effort.

The rest of the ride was without great incident, a few shenanigans from Martha Cove through to Mornington ensured that we were all riding home into the headwind on empty legs.

I don't know how hard the others were going on Arthurs, but to crest the ascent first was good for the confidence, maybe I've been moving the goalposts on myself and thus judging my performances harshly. I have a suspicion that some of the others just set an even tempo or left their efforts to the second ascent and thus my personal assessments are on the money.

D: 206.5km
A: 1,455m

PMPW: 95kg

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