Saturday, 4 June 2011


Hell Ride:
I really didn't sleep well, not sure why, but it was bad enough that the coffee at Cafe Racer before rolling down to Black Rock didn't make any inroads into improving how tired I felt.

It was a pretty mixed bag from there, a tail wind that had us sitting on 54km/h and chatting, then a side wind that had us single file and chewing stem at 48km/h.

Seeing 90%+ on the HRM convinced me not to go anywhere near the front, I was getting enough of a workout sitting in and last week's struggle past Frankston was still fresh in my mind. Thankfully this week I found power in my legs when we hit the climbs.

As I rolled into a cafe with the Stay True boys for a post ride coffee I realised just how hard the ride had been for me. Despite the sedate trip back up the beach I'd drained two full bottles. For perspective, a month or so back I'd roll on and off the front all day and barely take a sip from 1.

I'd definitely earned a big bowl of porridge.

D: 97.9km
A: 380m

PMPW: 90kg

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