Sunday, 26 June 2011


ABOC Sprint Training @ DISC:
1 x flying 100 (82")
1 x flying 100 (94")
1 x 375m MAC (94")
1 x 375m MAC (98")
1 x 1,000m Windout (82")

There's a few things to work on that have been highlighted by tonight's session.

I haven't got my head around the entry and wind up speeds for flying laps at DISC. I lose height too quickly and start winding up too early.

I need to get more comfortable hard up against the back of the motorbike. I'm consistently sitting 30cm off the roller and when I ran up close to the bike in my second MAC I had to fight the urge to back pedal. Nudge the fucking roller!

I got to play with one of the power meters for part of the session. I saw power over 1,600 for both MAC efforts, the second one peaked at 1,657 Watts (1 Sec). I'm not convinced that's my full capacity or that even if it is, that it's a good number. What it is is a number that I can compare to later in the year. Now that will be interesting.

CE: 1

PMPM: 91kg

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