Wednesday, 22 June 2011


NRR: (Medium-ish)
I wont mention the ride that was planned for this morning, the one that had me meeting a group in Rosanna at 6:30am and was called off by someone moments before i was due to leave. No, this is a tale of triumph, of opportunities grasped, of me doing NRR anyway.

Ok, so not all triumph, as I rode down through Chelsea with a small group of hardy "long" riders, I was feeling good. I had done a quick survey and figured I was one of the faster there, that would mean lots of work for me, and the reward of hurting others. Perfect.... well except the tyre that went flat. I stopped to fix it and started heading home up Station st, a bit dejected about the state of affairs.... then triumph re-appeared and stated its case. Going the other way was Craig of O2 and Andy Dorman of TFM (plus a couple of others), I flicked around and headed to Patterson river on their tail.

We turned around and headed for home, rolling turns into the headwind. It soon became obvious that Craig was the strongest amongst us, and I worked on "body I don't care how much it hurts, just do it". One by one the others stopped coming around and eventually even I had to leave Craig on the front. At the time I was ashamed that I didn't keep coming through, now, I'm happy that I came through at all.

D: 65.6km
A: 255m

I'm happy that we've reached the winter solstice, the days are due to get longer, though there are still months of cold wet weather and according to my calendar I'm racing most weekends during them.

First up is Scotty's race on the 2nd of July. I fear it's going to be a painful eye opener.

D: 14.2km
A: 55m

PMPW: 91kg

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