Sunday, 12 June 2011


ABOC Track:
1 x F100m @ 84"
2 x 3/4 lap Power Jump (in pairs from 10km/h) @ 84"
1 x 1/2 lap Gate start @ 98"
2 x 1/4 lap Gate starts @ 98" 1/4
2 x Keirins @ 82" everyone

I hate small gears, they make my hips floppy and I hate having floppy hips, ergo I hate small gears. There's just nothing to push against, not thinking I kicked at my normal f200 spot for the f100 and was visiting both edges of my saddle before I even hit the start finish line (31m before the start of the 100m).

The Keirins were kind of fun and kind of brutal. I made it my mission to nudge the bike in the first one before attacking as it pulled off. Mere moments later we were lining up for another one, this time with 6 instead of 3 riders. I went for the bike again, having agreed to work for the guys I'd just raced against. The bike pulled off and I hit the gas. The next 750m were torturous as I slowly came to realise I was off the front and working for myself.

God I hate small gears.

PMPW: 92kg

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