Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Melbourne - Eltham - Melbourne:
When I slipped out of the house into the early morning darkness, I was not overly enthused. On the bike before 6 is always tough, having to then ride an hour before meeting Jimmy and his mate Keith gives you a heap of time to think about how it's cold, dark and just how tired you're feeling. I pushed on anyway because I knew I'd enjoy it (just to confirm I did go on to enjoy it).

The gorgeous frosty morning sunrise I expected never really eventuated, so there's no pretty photos to show, but I will always retain the memory of the ride back into town.

Whipping down the bike lane in Heidelberg on the inside of a line of parked cars, I didn't see the car pulling through them from the right until his nose was coming into my line.

As I hauled on the anchors, balancing precariously on my front wheel, the rear a good metre off the ground, I had a moment or so to ponder life's great questions.

1. Where is my exit point? Could I continue this stoppie and forward roll over the bonnet?
2. I think diving to the left is the best choice, does mean my bike is going to get royally fucked?
3. What new bike will I get?

Thankfully he somehow saw me, or paused naturally, or something... but he stopped short and I let off the brakes and rolled through. No new bike this week.

D: 73.4km
A: 945m

Carl has whacked up the video from Sunday's training. Thankfully the light was a little dark to see the full extent of my poo face. Sadly it was more than enough to show how much my shoulders/head moves when I'm going all out.

250m MACs (0:43 and 2:26)

D: 6.9km
A: 25m

PMPW: 91kg

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