Saturday, 28 May 2011


Hell Ride:
I wanted to achieve two things today, get a gauge on my fitness and secondly, to ride regardless of any inclement weather.

The BOM suggested it'd be:

"Cloudy. Scattered showers over southeastern suburbs, isolated showers elsewhere. Light winds."

I on the other hand can report it was:

"Rain over southeastern suburbs, with patches of showers over southeastern suburbs and anyone in any other suburb where it didn't rain can kindly piss right off".


I felt ok as we rolled out, wet... but ok. I rolled a few turns at the front, revelling in the few brief moments where there was no wheel in front to spray water and grime into my face. I wasn't in excruciating pain, I wasn't questioning my resolve yet something was off, I put it down to being a little off form.

When we reached Frankston and Hopes Rise I got out of the saddle and found absolutely nothing in my legs. I went from 5-10 from the front to off the back in DFL. I got back on down the back and managed to hold through until we returned into Franskton, but my confidence in my legs was shattered.

D: 96.6km
A: 300m

PMPW: 90kg

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