Monday, 2 May 2011


Not a bad time to have a brief review of the goals I set myself this year.

Ok, so I've re-read all of them and not a single one has to do with underpants. No? Fine whatever, I thought that was funny

On the road I wanted to win Glenvale, I think a 3rd and a 2nd there combined with a win at Sandown is a dirty great big tick.

On the track I wanted to get my f200 time down and give Chris Ray a nudge in racing. I'm going to go ahead and suggest this deserves a tick as well.

On the dirt, well I'm really at a loss here. I raced only 1 XC race and had a woeful performance at the Otway. I've got 1 more race in a couple of weeks, I've entered a 3 man (with Steve and Jim) for S.H.I.T.S.. In all reality that will be more about fun with mates than fast laps or podium places.

I have some ideas about what I want next season, I'll sit on them for a while to ensure they're real desires rather than passing fancy.

PMPW: 93kg

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