Wednesday, 18 May 2011


If being slightly out of it (low blood pressure/oxygen/whatever) is what it takes to mono like I did today, then sign me up for regular blood letting. Sure it wasn't every attempt, but more than normal I found that sweet spot and stayed there.

Sadly it was a really quiet week for the Fatties, despite the good weather only 4 of us were up for the "A" group. We skipped everything until Bonds Rd before hooking into the singletrack at Odyssey House. I had no desire to drive the pace so for Hans' loop I sat on Jakob's wheel and let him do all the thinking.

There's a bit of work gone on in Hans' loop, i think someone is looking to set up new trail to avoid the boggiest sections, sadly like all new trail that cops some rain.... it's boggy.

I hope we get a few more weeks of Fatties in before the weather makes all the trails a no go. We do have the option of doing an alley run now and again but I do believe this year there will come a time where we have to stop or risk destroying what we love.

PMPW: 90kg

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