Saturday, 14 May 2011


I wanted to do this race for fun, I knew the course was awesome, though they've changed it since i last raced to make it more so. I also knew it got tougher the more tired you got, so I proposed a 3 man team. I'm bloody glad I did, because I feel wrecked, but had a ball getting to that state.

I took the first lap and set about securing a top 10 spot. Why? A little bit because it helps our team, but mostly because it's funny to put a mate out at the point end. I had to question my resolve a few times that first lap when I'd lost sight of those in front and those behind. Despite my best efforts I never caught Ash Hayat or Duncan Murray but I was glad to stay clear of Timmy McGrath.


That first lap would be the last I had clear of traffic, as I sat around transition sucking in air and grinning, Steve and James were working their way into the middle of lapped traffic. The efforts of my first lap and the increased traffic saw 2 minutes added to my lap times (00:33.xx to 00:35.xx) despite the introduction of caffeine to my system on the 3rd lap.

With just over half an hour to go and only a couple of minutes keeping us in 1st ahead of Dave Thomas, Adam Mitchel and Mark Sandon I went out for my last lap, telling Steve I'd be back in time for him. I didnt check my clock, so when I came through after leaving it all on the course for a 33.xx minute lap, there was only 15 seconds left on the race clock. Steve to his credit went out anyway and helped us jump 2 spots up the overall standings to finish in 7th overall (1st in category).

I really thing that AJ needs a special mention. Not only did he stay in front of us, he stayed in front of everyone bar the team of Jack Lamshed and Neil Van der Ploeg. He was on their wheels for most of that as well. Monster effort!

Full results/Lap splits available here.

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