Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Melbourne - Eltham - Melbourne:
When I slipped out of the house into the early morning darkness, I was not overly enthused. On the bike before 6 is always tough, having to then ride an hour before meeting Jimmy and his mate Keith gives you a heap of time to think about how it's cold, dark and just how tired you're feeling. I pushed on anyway because I knew I'd enjoy it (just to confirm I did go on to enjoy it).

The gorgeous frosty morning sunrise I expected never really eventuated, so there's no pretty photos to show, but I will always retain the memory of the ride back into town.

Whipping down the bike lane in Heidelberg on the inside of a line of parked cars, I didn't see the car pulling through them from the right until his nose was coming into my line.

As I hauled on the anchors, balancing precariously on my front wheel, the rear a good metre off the ground, I had a moment or so to ponder life's great questions.

1. Where is my exit point? Could I continue this stoppie and forward roll over the bonnet?
2. I think diving to the left is the best choice, does mean my bike is going to get royally fucked?
3. What new bike will I get?

Thankfully he somehow saw me, or paused naturally, or something... but he stopped short and I let off the brakes and rolled through. No new bike this week.

D: 73.4km
A: 945m

Carl has whacked up the video from Sunday's training. Thankfully the light was a little dark to see the full extent of my poo face. Sadly it was more than enough to show how much my shoulders/head moves when I'm going all out.

250m MACs (0:43 and 2:26)

D: 6.9km
A: 25m

PMPW: 91kg

Monday, 30 May 2011


I think Mondays have a tough gig, they're not really a bad day, it's just that they follow such an awesome day (Sunday, you know, in case you weren't sure) and thus come off looking like jerks in comparison.

That all said, I'm glad today is over, I just didn't have the time for it.

D: 14.1km
A: 45m

PMPW: 92kg

Sunday, 29 May 2011


ABOC Sprint Training @ DISC:
I couldn't find anyone who wanted to have a lazy roll on the roadies this morning, so instead took a sleep in and committed to playing with Carl's sprinters tonight.

1 x Roll around for a minute or two after desperately setting up your bike.
4 x 1/4 lap Power jump pairs (10km/h) reaction:4 (84")
1 x 250m MAC (RG:J, 92":S)
2 x 250m MAC (RG:J, 96":S)

The power jumps were a bit of fun, I was paired with Dino and trying to watch a rider behind you when you're both down on the pursuit line is fucking tough, lucky he had a massive tell (an exertion grunt).

The MACs were awesome, I got some wobbles out the way on the first one then went all out on the next two. I'm unconvinced about the value of the latter two being video'd. On one hand it's a good to review to assist in coaching, on the other I know for sure I was blowing bubbles on the final effort, and possibly the 2nd as well (first one taped).

CE: 1

PMPW: 90kg

Saturday, 28 May 2011


Hell Ride:
I wanted to achieve two things today, get a gauge on my fitness and secondly, to ride regardless of any inclement weather.

The BOM suggested it'd be:

"Cloudy. Scattered showers over southeastern suburbs, isolated showers elsewhere. Light winds."

I on the other hand can report it was:

"Rain over southeastern suburbs, with patches of showers over southeastern suburbs and anyone in any other suburb where it didn't rain can kindly piss right off".


I felt ok as we rolled out, wet... but ok. I rolled a few turns at the front, revelling in the few brief moments where there was no wheel in front to spray water and grime into my face. I wasn't in excruciating pain, I wasn't questioning my resolve yet something was off, I put it down to being a little off form.

When we reached Frankston and Hopes Rise I got out of the saddle and found absolutely nothing in my legs. I went from 5-10 from the front to off the back in DFL. I got back on down the back and managed to hold through until we returned into Franskton, but my confidence in my legs was shattered.

D: 96.6km
A: 300m

PMPW: 90kg

Friday, 27 May 2011


I felt quite flat this morning, a feeling that hung around right through the day, though the consumption of chicken seemed to abate it slightly.

It looks like I've got through the overly DOMSy part of a new weights program, I didn't need to go up 3 levels to use the handicapped toilet at all today. :)

D: 14.7km
A: 65m

CE: 1/2

PMPW: 90kg

Thursday, 26 May 2011


I looked at the weather forecast and radar and knew if I rode to the Haus I'd get wet. For a while I considered spinning home from work and grabbing the car so I'd stay dry. I decided to ride anyway, it's training time again so I better get used to riding when it's cold, wet, dark, windy and generally miserable. The time I put in now gets repaid during the Warny (and Otway).

D: 59.8km
A: 440m

Power Haus:
1 x 100 skips

2 x 5 @ 20kg Squat
1 x 5 @ 45kg Squat
1 x 5 @ 65kg Squat
1 x 2 @ 75kg Squat
3 x 5 @ 95kg Squat

1 x 5 @ 20kg Press
3 x 5 @ 40kg Press

1 x 5 @ 65kg Dead lift
1 x 5 @ 95kg Dead lift

All the lifts are starting to feel like real weight, though none of them ever felt like I was going to fail.

I was happy to stack an extra 10km on the dead lift and be able to move it, Carl suggested next time I should throw on another 10. Challenge accepted.

PMPW: 90kg

Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Spiiiiiin, coast. Spiiiiiiiiin, coast. Stoppie. Mono. Repeat.

Oh my sweet baby jesus, the Kew pump track was hooking when Brad, Jesse and I visited it on the way to Fatties. The second visit, after hauling my SS up the alley route, wasn't quite as vigorous, I was pooped.

PMPW: 91kg

Tuesday, 24 May 2011


It took 23 days, but I've finally reached the point. "Wait, what point? How did you know you'd reached it?"

Today, sitting around at work I decided that my next pay cheque is going to CSV, as I'm in for the Melbourne to Warrnambool.

I'm still going to do the Otway, but the fear of riding 265km by myself is enough to get me out and on the bike like nothing else will.

I intend to do a few other road races along the way. Cecil Shore Memorial, Melbourne to Ballarat, Amy Gillet's Gran Fondo and maybe Preston Mountain Classic.

So what do I want to achieve in these races? I'm not sure yet, but I know I need to set the goals sooner rather than later. I'm tending to think about everything leading up to the Warny as a "see how the form is" race. The Warny as a "oh god I hope I don't die" race, and all of those as base for the Otway.

PMPW: 90kg

Monday, 23 May 2011


So there's a few things that have been floating around my head, a few things that might be good to race.

In descending order of distance they are:

The Melbourne to Warnambool.
The Otway Odyssey.
Dirty Deeds CX.
1km ITT.
Match Sprints.

I'm likely to do the CX and Sprints, even if they're not the focus of the year. I feel I have to go back to the Otway (mid Feb), it's unfinished business. The question then is, can I do the Warny (late Oct) as well? Both races scare me, and while there is likely to be a whole lot of training/fitness overlap between them, the whole idea scares me.

I'll probably enter both of them soon, that way I'm committed and will just have to suck up any doubts.

PMPW: 92kg

Sunday, 22 May 2011


A late night, followed by a sleep in left me feeling refreshed but a little guilty about not riding. I'm not sure if it's a hang over from last season or an indication that it's time to think about next one.

PMPW: 90kg

Saturday, 21 May 2011


Northside Ride:
Two coffees sandwiching a ride down to Mordialloc. Not too bad a way to start a day.

The northerly pushed Tim and I down at the front of a small train of hangers on. On the way back we combined with a few other groups to share the load into the wind before winding up for a sprint to BP which was dominated by a Total Rush rider.

CE: 1/2

PMPW: 92kg

Friday, 20 May 2011


My arse and boobs hurt. It's not a great feeling, but knowing that I earned the pain makes it somewhat ok.

CE: 1

PMPW: 90kg

Thursday, 19 May 2011


Power Haus:
1 x 60 sec Skip
1 x 5 @ 20kg Low bar squat
1 x 5 @ 45kg Low bar squat
1 x 6 @ 60kg Low bar squat
1 x 2 @ 75kg Low bar squat
3 x 5 @ 90kg Low bar squat

1 x 4 @ 40kg Power clean
1 x 5 @ 55kg Power clean

1 x 5 @ 20kg Bench press
1 x 5 @ 30kg Bench press
1 x 5 @ 62.5kg Bench press

This week, I started using Carl's top squat and I am fucking enthusiastic. Why? Well the weight I thought should have gone up 2 weeks ago (but didn't), went up without an issue this time. I wasn't thinking about my wrist falling under the bar I was just thinking about my form and standing up again. I can't remember if I mentioned this previous and am too lazy to check, but I was feeling somewhat shitty about the breakdown last time. Next week, 5kg extra on the bar.

Power cleans were easy and scary. Easy because I'm not near my limits yet, scary because each rep left me light headed and dizzy. I'm blaming blood pressure, or lack there of on this one.

Bench press was bench press. The last couple of reps of the last set were shaky and the bar speed slowed, but it was more weight than last time and it went up 15 times, so I guess that's a win.

It's a lonely ride home from Mitcham and the Haus, but history has told me it's better for my recovery than sitting in a car.

PMPW: 90kg

Wednesday, 18 May 2011


If being slightly out of it (low blood pressure/oxygen/whatever) is what it takes to mono like I did today, then sign me up for regular blood letting. Sure it wasn't every attempt, but more than normal I found that sweet spot and stayed there.

Sadly it was a really quiet week for the Fatties, despite the good weather only 4 of us were up for the "A" group. We skipped everything until Bonds Rd before hooking into the singletrack at Odyssey House. I had no desire to drive the pace so for Hans' loop I sat on Jakob's wheel and let him do all the thinking.

There's a bit of work gone on in Hans' loop, i think someone is looking to set up new trail to avoid the boggiest sections, sadly like all new trail that cops some rain.... it's boggy.

I hope we get a few more weeks of Fatties in before the weather makes all the trails a no go. We do have the option of doing an alley run now and again but I do believe this year there will come a time where we have to stop or risk destroying what we love.

PMPW: 90kg

Tuesday, 17 May 2011


With a density of 1060 kg/m3 one would logically assume that losing half a litre of it would result in a 500g loss in weight. Thus one would be surprised if ones weight was not 500g lighter but in fact 2kg heavier.

Maybe it was those beers and extra dinner I had last night.

PMPW: 92kg

Monday, 16 May 2011


Because I wanted to.

Because I needed to.

Donate blood:
Because others need it.

PMPW: 90kg

Sunday, 15 May 2011


I had to duck into the city today and even with the extra efficiency of my road bike (as opposed to the MTB I'd ridden the last two days) I felt like I was going nowhere. It was almost as if I'd burried myself the day before.

I'm going to need to do a bunch of stretching before I catch up with Andy Naylor for a massage tomorrow... maybe I'll do that in the morning, because right now I CBF.

PMPW: 92kg

Saturday, 14 May 2011


I wanted to do this race for fun, I knew the course was awesome, though they've changed it since i last raced to make it more so. I also knew it got tougher the more tired you got, so I proposed a 3 man team. I'm bloody glad I did, because I feel wrecked, but had a ball getting to that state.

I took the first lap and set about securing a top 10 spot. Why? A little bit because it helps our team, but mostly because it's funny to put a mate out at the point end. I had to question my resolve a few times that first lap when I'd lost sight of those in front and those behind. Despite my best efforts I never caught Ash Hayat or Duncan Murray but I was glad to stay clear of Timmy McGrath.


That first lap would be the last I had clear of traffic, as I sat around transition sucking in air and grinning, Steve and James were working their way into the middle of lapped traffic. The efforts of my first lap and the increased traffic saw 2 minutes added to my lap times (00:33.xx to 00:35.xx) despite the introduction of caffeine to my system on the 3rd lap.

With just over half an hour to go and only a couple of minutes keeping us in 1st ahead of Dave Thomas, Adam Mitchel and Mark Sandon I went out for my last lap, telling Steve I'd be back in time for him. I didnt check my clock, so when I came through after leaving it all on the course for a 33.xx minute lap, there was only 15 seconds left on the race clock. Steve to his credit went out anyway and helped us jump 2 spots up the overall standings to finish in 7th overall (1st in category).

I really thing that AJ needs a special mention. Not only did he stay in front of us, he stayed in front of everyone bar the team of Jack Lamshed and Neil Van der Ploeg. He was on their wheels for most of that as well. Monster effort!

Full results/Lap splits available here.

Friday, 13 May 2011


My only real training this week was specific efforts. I substituted tree dodging practice to get my eye in for tomorrow for dodging icy rain showers. Hopefully it'll have enough carry over.

CE: 1

PMPW: 90kg

Thursday, 12 May 2011


Nothing to see here, move along.

PMPW: 90kg

Wednesday, 11 May 2011


I piked on all the rides I thought about doing today.

I was pretty disinclined to do fatties, so last night I thought about doing NRR long. Then I checked the forecast and saw 50kph winds. Do not want!

PMPW: 91kg

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


I probably wont do Fatties tomorrow due to it being cold wet and windy (and me being soft). I wont do Jeff's or the Haus on Thursday as I'm racing Saturday.

This week is panning out to be super lazy and for the moment I'm ok with that.

PMPW: 90kg

Monday, 9 May 2011


Steve and I lost our third rider for this weekend's race* (yes we looked behind the couch), and were faced with a choice, suck it up and race pair or source a 3rd rider and continue on. We totally went the latter option.

I also decided to make this the last race I do for a while, I've booked in to donate blood next Monday and while I know I can ride/race after it, it's a good marker to say "this is the end".

PMPW: 91kg

* possibly the best acronym for a race

Sunday, 8 May 2011


I managed a couple of minutes of stretching, mostly my hips and hamstrings, but not enough to really make a difference. More of a trial, to give my brain a heads up that I'm going to be doing more of it soon and that it's going to suck.

PMPW: 91kg

Saturday, 7 May 2011


I got my clothing requirements wrong, I decided against checking the weather in the fear it might induce a late decision to not ride. Yes, that seems silly and resulted in me not feeling my hands or face for much of the ride, but I'll stick with it as a good way to avoid over thinking and just get on the bike and ride.

The ride was just a Mt Pleasant Rd loop with Ian. We took the pace pretty easy as it's his first ride back since breaking his color bone 10 weeks ago.



I hit a few of the pinches hard, circled back to Ian and rerode the last part with him. I think it's a good way for riders of varied skill to do the same ride.

PMPW: 93kg

Friday, 6 May 2011


I think riding to/from the Jeff's/Power Haus tends to leave me in better shape the next day. That's all well and good, but the nature of the locations of these activities (especially the Haus) means it's a (fair bit of a) hassle after a session that leaves me just wanting to lay down and sleep.

Anyway, I'm starting to feel that my body needs to be stretched and possible massaged. Though lets be clear, I'm not feeling it enough to actually do either of these things, only enough to whinge slightly about it.

CE: 1

PMPW: 92kg

Thursday, 5 May 2011



Power Haus:
2 x 1min Row
1 x 1min Skip
2 x 5 @ 20kg Squat
1 x 5 @ 45kg Squat
1 x 5 @ 60kg Squat
1 x 2 @ 75kg Squat
1 x 5 @ 90kg Squat
2 x 5 @ 87.5kg Squat
1 x 5 @ 20kg Press
3 x 5 @ 37.5kg Press
1 x 5 @ 60kg Dead lift
1 x 5 @ 85kg Dead lift

I had some issues with squatting tonight. In my first work set I re-racked half way through so I could reset the bar on my back. The next rep (4th) felt good, my back stayed strong and the weight drove up cleanly.

In the next set Carl looked at the breakdown of form and told me to reduce the weight and go again. I feel that there is an issue in the way I hold the bar, leaving me over conscious of it and under conscious of everything else... and my hamstrings are like guitar strings. In short I feel that 90kg should be no issue at all. I can Bulgarian split squat 80kg on each leg, so 90 with two should be nothing. I may try the top squat next week to remove my girly Neily wrists from the equation. To be honest, I'm not disappointed, I'm angry AND disappointed.

Dead lifts were at the other end of the spectrum. The weight went up easily and felt good.

PMPW: 90kg

Wednesday, 4 May 2011


I need a new commute route for when I'm on my MTB, one that features more lips and transvestites transitions.

For instance, on my way home from Fatties there is a traffic island that begs you to sprint at it and float over to the perfect landing on the other side. Sure the second you land you have to deal with the looming junction box dead in front of you, but that just adds to the thrill. Fun as that may be, that is only one example. I need MORE!

No one turned up to ride with me, so I convinced Meg and Steve (who'd had a similar turnout) to cruise in towards town with me.

The trails were greasy and I wiped out when I tried to corner on an off camber white line. It wasn't all bad though, I had pulled some sweet monos to make myself feel better.

Talking of monos it seems I can only start them with a sharp kick of my left foot. I always thought I could start on whatever foot was forward at the time. Interesting factoid? Probably not, but you've read it now anyway.

PMPW: 91kg

Tuesday, 3 May 2011


I know this may not come as a surprise to many, but cookies (for some reason these particular ones don't feel like they're biscuits) are delicious and I like to eat them. I may have consumed most of one two boxes in the last couple of days.

PMPW: 92kg

Monday, 2 May 2011


Not a bad time to have a brief review of the goals I set myself this year.

Ok, so I've re-read all of them and not a single one has to do with underpants. No? Fine whatever, I thought that was funny

On the road I wanted to win Glenvale, I think a 3rd and a 2nd there combined with a win at Sandown is a dirty great big tick.

On the track I wanted to get my f200 time down and give Chris Ray a nudge in racing. I'm going to go ahead and suggest this deserves a tick as well.

On the dirt, well I'm really at a loss here. I raced only 1 XC race and had a woeful performance at the Otway. I've got 1 more race in a couple of weeks, I've entered a 3 man (with Steve and Jim) for S.H.I.T.S.. In all reality that will be more about fun with mates than fast laps or podium places.

I have some ideas about what I want next season, I'll sit on them for a while to ensure they're real desires rather than passing fancy.

PMPW: 93kg

Sunday, 1 May 2011


Ok it's official. I've hit the "I'm done!" point of the year.

I rolled to the coffee shop this morning, saw dozens of people I know and instead of riding with any of them, I went home. Sure most were all planning more than I wanted to do, but that's never stopped me turning early.

PMPW: 95kg