Monday, 4 April 2011


Regrets, I have a few fuck load. It looks like I could have raced the Duael yesterday, there were people sitting around with their bikes not racing (let's not question why they weren't racing).

Yesterday morning when Steve said he was out I did a risk/reward analysis, even ignoring that I wanted mostly to ride with my mate, the results were grim. The risk was committing to a 3 hour drive (round trip) without the certainty of racing, the reward would have been rad racing. I took the certain option and raced track.

So do I regret not racing the Duael? No! I regret not kicking earlier for my f200.

Round 1: 9:06

Round 2: 7:43

Round 3: 8:17

Finals (1 v 2): 8:41

I was given the lead in all my races, worked to hold everyone on my hip or at the very least ensure they couldn't dive under me, then tried to hold them off until the line.

The first race I had a fair scare from Nick. Coming into the final bend he had his real wheel in front of mine. If he'd even hinted at shutting that door on me I would have lost all will to compete. Luckily he lost his line slightly and I was able to power under for the win.

The second race against Chris was the closest we've ever had. I think with the series wrapped up and the eternal wood over me he might not have been on full form today, but I would have rejoiced heartily if I'd won.

Jamie threw some feints round the last bend of the first lap. The first one made me move, but after that I found it funny. He was never going to be able to attack through me, I weigh twice what he does. :D

The finals, well... the same tactic... with a slightly less good result than round 2.

D: 16.9km
A: 70m

PMPW: 90kg

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