Saturday, 30 April 2011


Melbourne - Mordialloc - Melbourne:
I had a general sense of malaise today, it started some time last night when I was setting my alarm and starting to think about the day ahead (today). The 5:20am alarm option for the Hell Ride was dismissed and thus the Hell Ride itself.

When I woke later I got kitted up and rolled out for Beach Rd. It was close and required less thought. As I meandered down the road, old ladies on hybrids zooming past me, I continued to wonder what I'd do with my morning.

Eventually I jumped onto a bunch rolling past and decided to flip around at the first sight of either the NWR or the Hell Ride. We came through Mentone with no sign of either and two forces combined to put me on the front of the bunch. First, I'd sat on like a dirty dirty wheel sucker and it seemed only right to lead out the sprint I could see many of them wanted. Second, the quicker I got to Mordi, the quicker I could turn and prepare to be swept up by bunches containing mates.

What eventuated was I pulled through and wound everyone up before letting them go with about 200m to go. 50m later, feeling somewhat spent I lift my head to see the front of the Hell Ride storming the other direction. I checked over my shoulder and flipped myself around for another round of more hard work than I'd ever planned on today.

D: 49.4km
A: 155m

PMPW: 92kg

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