Wednesday, 20 April 2011


One should always know when they've been bested, and in the 'love of riding in the mud stakes' both Gavin and Justin trump me every time. Crazy Bastards!

Our plan to stay a bit dryer and cleaner by doing the alleys went out the window when we ducked into a few "trails" on the way. Why the quote marks you ask? Go on ask it! ASK IT! No I'm not continuing if you're not going to ask it. Fine, I'll continue, but let the record show it's under protest. So, it's in quote marks because some of the trails were more like rivers or lakes than trail. See it wasn't that good of a story anyway, and if you'd just asked why instead of making me go through all that rigmarole then it wouldn't have seemed so bad. Whatever I don't care anyway.

D: 18.3km
A: 275m


D: 25.4km
A: 130m

PMPW: 90kg

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