Sunday, 17 April 2011


Melbourne - St Andrews - Melbourne:
Went for a bit of a loop through Christmas and Patton hills with Steve. The ride out through the sleepy suburbs to Mt Pleasant Rd left my face numb, from then on the quiet roads and short attackable hills meant that when feeling returned I found that my face was split by a grin. It turns out, despite a week of moping, that I quite like riding bikes. Two days of awesome weather and rides I like a lot were a great reminder.

We'll see how I feel when the weather turns poop again,



The pace was never too hot, for me, Caddy seemed to get a little weary towards the end.

Steve claims he wasn't zig zagging.... I reserve judgement.

By the time stopped for a coffee in Clifton Hill the weather was quite simply put, gorgeous. All memory of cold fingers and face were completely gone, replaced by thoughts of quiet roads filled with twists, turns and climbs.

D: 115.8km
A: 1,555m

PMPW: 92kg

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