Saturday, 16 April 2011


Hell Ride:
It was one of those mornings that takes several seconds for the alarm sound to pierce through the early morning fog to the place of my brain that knows what it means. After the week we've had, I just assumed that outside the house resembled the inside of my head, cold, dark, wet and windy (I don't know how a brain can be wet or windy... but it makes the analogy work better). It wasn't until some time into the ride that I realised that I was wrong on all counts (ok so it had been dark for a short while, but once again it helps with the story).


The pace was pretty relaxed... or at the very least felt relaxed. I had an odd situation where I I never really felt that burning sensation of hard exertion in my legs, but a few times I looked down to see my HR around 85%. I'll chalk that up to a poor night sleep.

I tried to set up Downie for the sprint but we got boxed in and had to start from a long way back. That aside I'm enjoying trying to read the chaos of the set up for sprints. Rides like the Hell Ride where everyone is essentially in it for themselves makes it like a massive match sprint.

D: 98.3km
A: 365m

PMPW: 90kg

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